So, apparently the mega million jackpot is now at an astonishing 900 million dollars! I can’t even fathom that amount of money! Even after taxes, that amount of money would bananas!

I’ve had several friends, co-workers and family members ask me:

“What would you do if you won the mega million jackpot”


Aside from this:


Here are the things I would do (after waking up from passing out):

  1. I would immediately call out of work–no, not quit, just call out the day after with no explanation.
  2. Hire a financial advisor — maybe. Not sure if I’d trust just anyone to do this.
  3. Delete ALL of my social media and turn my phone the fuck off.
  4. I would get a TracFone in an alias name
  5. Claim the coins! (in my state, you have to claim it in your actual name)
  6. Resign from my job as soon as I claim the money.
  7. Go to the most expensive restaurant in my area in sweatpants and order the most expensive meal they offered. I would then tip the waiter/waitress $1,000.
  8. Legally change my name
  9. Pay off all of my student loan debt, car loan, credit cards, etc with a lovely, “fuck you” included with the checks
  10. Drop cash to have a house built in the suburbs (with a fence of course)
  11. Drop by the dealership of a car place to buy a new car STRAIGHT CASH MONEY
  12. Pay off the house my parents just bought, pay off their cars and give them money so that they can retire early (even though they are about to retire now)
  13. Give my close circle friends and family that I regularly speak to some money–and that’s it. No one else.
  14. Donate money: towards education/research at my current employer, to my alma mater, homeless shelters, food banks, animal shelters and towards the research of cancer and diabetes.
  15. Book a one-way ticket to London and start my journey to travel across the world. I would take as much time as I wanted to in each country that I visited. I would travel write and I would return when my house is finished (probably a few months)
  16. Chill.

Winning that amount of money would be a blessing for sure, but I would try to remain as level-headed as humanly possible.

I’m curious to know what other people would do. I’m sure everyone would get joy in knowing they would be able to free themselves of debt, quit their jobs and do whatever the hell they wanted indefinitely (if they can manage their money well).

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