Life Lessons Learned @ Work

Yesterday, I stayed late at work for a monthly committee meeting. I mostly attended the meeting to show face, but I think attending this particular meeting changed my state of mind for the better.

I’ve been in a huge FUNK for most of this year actually and I wasn’t having a particularly great day emotionally (yesterday) either. Imagine my surprise when the topic of discussion at yesterday’s committee meeting was burn-out, depression and suicide rates among healthcare professionals. Not just young ones, but even ones in the range of their 60s and 70s.

It amazed me to learn that maybe…just MAYBE I’m not entirely alone in sometimes feeling “blue” or “defeated”. It can feel that way when you’re dealing with depression. It feels like the world is moving all around you and you’re just stuck in neutral. Working in healthcare alone can be pretty emotionally draining some days, never mind things going on in your actual personal life.

But it’s OK.

In the meeting, we discussed ways to recognize these signs of burn-out and depression among our peers and shared resources on places to seek help. We also discussed taking care of YOURSELF. So often do we get so caught up in our work priorities, that we forget to slow down and take care of ourselves. They mentioned even little things like being so caught up in work that you forget neglect to make doctor’s appointments for yourself (guilty). This has been on my “to-do” list since at least the summertime.

They even touched on mental health and how it’s such a huge phobia to deal with mental/behavior health issues as a healthcare professional because healthcare professionals are typically seen as being immune to having health issues in general. Not only is there a phobia within the field, but even within certain cultures/races, it’s just shoved under the rug as not being a legit “issue”.

Anyway. I felt rejuvenated after the committee meeting because it was like the universe knew I needed to hear these things. For the first time in about two weeks, I really feel like I’ll get over whatever this is and that it is ok sometimes to admit that, “hey, I’m not doing ok”.



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