No eggs with a side of drinks 

Tonight I have a date with this guy I barely know. Although I’ve been out here and there since my most recent failure, I really haven’t been taking it extremely serious. I think that’s going to be my approach from now on. Talking back and forth for a week (sometimes more), meeting up and then rushing through stages of a relationship (f2f) is exhausting, plus it hurts when you wake up to realize you invested all of this time and energy into someone who turned out to be someone completely different than the person they portrayed themselves to be. You feel stupid and cheap, even if you took longer than the other party to fall in “like”. It’s like in going out tonight I have zero expectations, zero anticipation and zero attachment. I’m just looking at it as an excuse to drink since I don’t have work tomorrow, plus good conversation is always fun. I at least hope this guy can carry on a good face to face conversation 🙃.

Things I know about this guy:

1. He plays hockey

2. He is a chemist for his “day job”

3. He likes comics

4. Likes to travel and recently went to Italy

5. Has a dog

6. Is tall

7. Seems respectful

This should be interesting & if it’s a total disaster, we’ve only been speaking since Friday and we’ve only spoken about surface information. No eggs are in the basket here. No pressure.


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