I was intangled with this guy after a mildly heavy night of drinking a month ago.

Let me explain.

Around the holidays, I dated this guy who I really felt connected to (He actually went around telling people we were dating too, while I kept that shit confidential) Perhaps it was because we were both rebounding at the same time or maybe because he actually stimulated my mind via text, phone conversations and face to face interactions. Being able to carry on a decent conversation now a days seems to be a dying art form. Much like understanding the difference between, “you’re” and “your”.


Anyway, we were attracted to each other like magnets and rushed through the stages of getting to know each other strictly driven by lust. It’s like I lost my common sense during that time and just “went with it” out or boredom or loneliness…mostly out of boredom though.

It wasn’t until this particular night a month ago did I realize that perahps this guy decorated his ultimate goal of getting laid with stimulating conversations, tons of affection and charming words. It didn’t help that he was tall and smelled nice too.

Looking back on it all now, I really didn’t like him as a person in his rawest form. He was somewhat arrognant, obsessed with facebook and demanded entirely too much of my attention. Wanting to text someone literally all day and night (and getting mad when they don’t text you immediately upon waking up or becoming tied up at work), 2-3 hour phone conversations each night and dates every other day is exahusting as fuck. He even requested multiple times that I bring him cookies at his job and when I finally did he was atonshished that they weren’t home made (even though I had zero time to bake that day).


I’m not able to give that much of myself to someone. I would have gone crazy by now.

I told him that night a month ago that I didn’t want to sleep with him (at least not at that point), even though I probably sent mixed signals by cuddling with him to netflix (one of many nights). He didn’t seem too upset (even after giving me several hickies from hell, which took almost 2 weeks to fully go away), but after that night our conversation dried up over night and he eventually became unresponsive all together. I’ll admit my ego took a huge blow over that (mostly because it was unexpected), but now I’m happy it happened. I’m happy things fizzled out before proceeding on much further. It could have gotten messy and quick.

Good thing is, I feel much better now and I’m glad that I’m not having to deal with him. Let that be someone else’s problem now.

Onward and upward.


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