Text, Life & Bullshit

This is a legit text a received the other day:

Hey___. I’m sorry I fell off. Life and bullshit. I’m still interested in talking to you, if you are cool with that 😉

text decoded here:

fuck boy text

[“fell off” = 5 days; after responsiveness for about a week or so]

now sis

I don’t quite know how to respond to this, but I smell loads of bullshit and I told myself 2016 wasn’t going to be the year to deal with fuck boys.

Whatever this guy has going on that literally keeps him SO very “busy” all of a sudden, he can keep all of it. I don’t care to make an effort to communicate with him (at all at this point), “check in” or pretend that I empathize with him either. I don’t “owe” him that level of energy or effort at this point.

End of the day, everyone is busy. Let me say that again for you folks in the back:




You make time for the things and people that matter to you (or in this case, mostly spark your interest) and excuses for everything else. Period, end of discussion.

giphy (1).gif



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