Connections deeper than your d*ck

His amusement is infectious to me. His smile and the way his eyes light when he looks at me with admiration as if I’m the only person in the room sends blood rushing to my cheeks and makes an already steamy night off the charts.

I’m mostly attracted to his intelligence, his general concern for my well being, his protective nature, his goofiness when he’s had too much to drink, his chivalry, his scent, the way he interacts with my parents, the energy he gives off when our skin touches…

It’s been very rare for me to find a guy that I can be around that is just as genuinely intrigued by my intelligence as he is by the rest of my “qualities”.

I compare how every guy makes me feel since I’ve dated since him and very few of them even come close. He set the bar at unachievable levels.

I mean sure, he’s not extremely emotional, but he’s become excellent at picking up on my emotional queues and quickly. He knows the moment my mood shifts, even if I don’t say anything and is apologetic if it’s due to something he said or did.

Just last week I found myself over fling because he couldn’t even come close drawing me in like he does. All I could think about was how obnoxious he was being and how all be was probably truly interested in was hooking up.

Hooking up with someone is easy, but it’s  forming a deep connection with them that’s deeper than your dick, that becomes more challenging.


One comment

  1. tinderdiariez · August 3, 2016

    Your posts are very unique.
    A mix of funny and touching cause its happening to all of us.
    I would love your opinion on my posts since Im just starting out.
    If any tips you can provide , Im trying to work on my writing skills.❤️


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