Let’s “Taco” Bout It & Other Ramblings

This past weekend was pretty jam packed from Friday until I went to bed last night, but it was a good weekend nonetheless.

As I mentioned before, I wanted to make dinner for baby face, so we had been talking about how much he likes tacos and wouldn’t mind us getting together for tacos. Sure, we could have gone out to some trendy place, but for the same amount of money I was able to buy and make enough tacos for leftovers (which is what I just had for lunch).

Baby face came over to my place around 7 for dinner. When he came in, he immediately embraced me as if he hadn’t seen me for months (we usually see each other weekly). Typically when we see each other, we’ll quickly kiss, but maybe he figured in the privacy of my house, it didn’t matter. Well ok then?

shrug - gif

Shortly after he arrived, we chowed down on the “gentified tacos” I made (I prepped for them practically all morning–but he was impressed and really appreciated them) and then settled in to watch some Olympics because we had some time before the movie started. He of course used this as an opportunity to snuggle with me, which was sweet. He even cuddled my cat a bit. I notice that he’s affectionate in regards to holding on to me (but not ot the point of being obnoxious or overbearing), but I equally enjoy it because I like to use him as a pillow and a heating pad. I also notice that outside of those affections, he doesn’t act like a “typical pisces” (like me). He doesn’t appear to be particularly emotional or emotionally driven. He doesn’t really have his head in the clouds and I don’t think he does anything artistically creative (though he and I did have a riveting discussion about how we both played the tenor sax). Perhaps he just suppresses his true piscean ways.

fish in

After seeing the movie (we saw jumanji — which was actually better than I anticipated it being), we came back to my place to chill. I assumed he would be staying the night (which he did) and I even made it a point to supply a few TRAVEL SIZED toiletries for him to use (deodorant, shampoo, conditioner toothbrush, wet wipes, body wash, those sort of things). I’m admittedly terrible at hosting people, so I’ve been trying to be a little bit more thoughtful. I also don’t like people using my things (or snooping around in my things), so if they have their OWN, they’ll leave yours alone. Of course, I guess if he had it in his mind that he was staying, he could have brought his own? Just sayin. Buying toiletries is more along the lines of something I would do for a boyfriend and not a guy I’m semi newly seeing. In fact, when I used to “have sleepovers” at my ex’s place (again, his terminology, not mine), I would bring over my own stuff and take it with me when I left…until he got tired of me doing this and actually BOUGHT me FULL SIZED toiletries to “live” at his place. Apparently it both *really* “bothered” and *really* “offended” him that I brought over my own stuff (and took it with me when I left as well as not leaving any trace of “me” at his place) and wanted reminders of me in his bathroom (I gotta leave cancer men alone in the future)? Ok…


Regardless though, I wanted to make it pretty damn clear that I did not LIVE there and was only “visiting”. Those toiletries are currently in a box in my laundry room lol. Yeah, he gave those back to me. I didn’t want those back, gurl. Tangent. Sorry.

Anyway, baby face ended up staying the night and I’m not even sure if he noticed the toiletries in the bathroom until I pointed them out to him. He seemed to find that to be thoughtful, but still used my shampoo–what the hell??? The next morning when we woke up, it took him a while to even get out of my bed. He cuddled me close and told me misc stories about his life, which was nice because I was cold, but I’m pretty sure we laid there for two or three hours before he “made moves”, which made me anxious, because I did have other stuff to do Sunday (at least I got to drool over how sculpted his arms and chest are. He has a beautiful body and he’s very tall, like 6’3 or 6’4).

gurl yas

Not that I wanted to kick him out, but I had some other stuff to do solo…

Before he left, I invited him to my birthday dinner friday. He was flattered, but said that he was going out of town this weekend for his birthday (Sunday), but he would try to delay leaving so he could come. That’s nice of him. At this point, I’m indifferent on his attendance or not. He’s not obligated to go to anything (he is not my bf) and it is also his birthday, so I definitely want him to celebrate that as well, especially since it’s a milestone one for him (dirty 30). We’ll see what happens. Regardless, the dinner should be a blast and I have inviting him to it off of my conscience.


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