Galentine’s Day?

I’ve been hearing the word, “Galentine’s Day” tossed around quite a bit this year. Per Wikipedia’s definition, this is actually an unofficial “holiday” celebrated on February 13th to celebrate a day for “ladies celebrating ladies”. This came about from a Parks and Recs episode, but is apparently celebrated by some people in real life. Go figure. This almost reminds me of that time my ex made me watch “Girlfriend’s Day” with him one night (on Netflix). The movie was terrible is about some made up holiday a greeting card writer created to basically have another reason to sell cards and to (I guess) “win” his (ex) girlfriend back? The movie for lack of a better word was weird, but we ended up laughing about how we couldn’t believe it was real and also how we somehow “missed the holiday”. Low and behold, there is also a “Boyfriend’s Day” too (not the movie, the holiday). We didn’t miss that one in IRL though….and only “celebrated” it to be funny in reference to the silliness of “Girlfriend’s Day”.

Anyway, I’m rambling about things in the past and I shouldn’t be…Where were we….? Ah yes, “Galentine’s Day”….

I first heard about this about a week ago when one of my female friends drunkenly suggested we all go out for “Valentine’s Day” because all of us are single-ish, right now. I didn’t take her too serious, because she was about three beers deep and because at the time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to even acknowledge the holiday. To be honest, even though I haven’t *always* been single during Vday, I’ve just never cared much for the holiday. I wasn’t single last year on Vday and still tried to mostly avoid it. I’m one of those people that feels like its unnecessary stress and expectations on everyone. I’m from the school of thought that, “everyday should be vday” if you’re really in love with someone (not necessarily by way of elaborate gifts,  but love)…you don’t have to wait until Feb 14…rather, you SHOULDN’T just make that known on Feb 14…you should make it known year ‘round, in addition to recognizing it (I guess)…I don’t know…I’m rambling again, you get the point though.

Anyway, this past weekend, a few other friends of mine mentioned the looming holiday again, this time suggesting we do a “Galentine’s Day” of sorts.

A who, girl? I got the reference of “Gal” and “Valentine’s”, but it just sounded silly, but they were being dead ass serious. DEAD. ASS.

So now not only do I have to openly acknowledge that I’m SINGLE AF on this holiday, I now have to go parade around with my chick posy shouting it out and waving our bras in the air? What does one even do on Galentine’s Day? Do you cry into a pint of beer? Do you throw darts at printed photos of your ex? Do you sing revengeful breakup songs around a bond fire? I’m not up on the culture here…and I don’t “hate” my ex (though he is emotionally reckless a nice guy), so I don’t want to be around that energy. I’m already easily agitated if I have to think about past relationships.

My friend loosely planned this outing as beer and food truck cuisine on Wednesday because, “we don’t need men to feel loved”. Ok then. Girl power. Yeah…I guess the thought has some clout there.

I’ve since had about three other groups of friends mention this, “Galentine’s Day” with everything from wine and Netflix, to a movie and dinner date with your “girls”. It’s a little overwhelming to be invited to so many gatherings, but I guess I’m flattered and happy that we all have each other’s backs. I think a bunch of male friends even suggested a “Palentine’s Day” dinner…?

now sis

To be completely honest though, I don’t really see myself participating in “Galentine’s Day” (and maybe not even “Palentine’s Day”) this year…It’s all very endearing, but baby no. I’m just not in the mood. I’m indifferent about Vday in general and I’d like to not be reminded of it as much as humanly possible. I just want to move past it. The last thing I want to do is to go ANYWHERE public and see couples, coupling. I think that would hurt more than simply treating it as another day and going home. Also, even though I’m “dating”, I think it’s tacky to even bring Vday up to someone (some guys) so new in your life (that are literally on a 30-day trial subscription as it is). Besides, I have to work late anyway, so I’m really not going to be in the mood to be “social” after pulling a 12 hour work day. I think I’d rather just drown myself in halo ice cream and go to bed early. We’ll see.

Am I being a grouch about this? I’m being a grouch, aren’t I? Leave me alone and let me enjoy my trashiness.


On another semi related note, I’m having surprise flowers sent to two of my MALE friends who were SUPER supportive during my time of healing from the breakup and that to me is “enough” for my participation in the holiday (which sidenote: sending flowers is also stressful. I don’t think I’m ever doing that again). Actually, three of my male friends were super supportive, but the other one is happily in a relationship and I don’t want to step on toes. Just know I appreciate you, if you’re reading this 🙂 . You know who you are!


And….uh… happy er….Val-Gal-Pal-en-tines Day of love and/or loneliness. May whatever you want to happen, happen?

You Remind Me of My Ex

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’m sort of stating to consider the idea of dating again. In the famous words of my ex, “I reallllllyyyy don’t like dating”, and my famous response, “well, no one does, but it’s a necessary evil…”Anyway, I had a date of sorts this past weekend. Well, I wouldn’t really consider it a date, but I think the guy inviting me out (for coffee) did, so I just went along with it. We met the weekend before and briefly chatted before exchanging numbers. I figured, “why not? He seems decent enough”.

(by the way, I do not like or endorse DT at all)

Originally, our “coffee meeting” was set for Saturday. I planned my busy day around this meeting and sandwiched it in between two other engagements. An hour and a half before said meeting, I get a text from him asking if we could postpone until the following day because he forgot that he had a, “conflict”. While I thought it was a little weird since I completely let HIM plan this (since he asked me out) by picking the place, the day and the time…I’m flexible and understanding enough, so I agreed to push it back.

Sunday, we finally meet up in this busy coffee shop right across the street from the university here, so of course it was ridiculously crowded and there were absolutely no seats available inside. After grabbing coffee (he paid), he suggested we sit outside. MIND YOU, it was MAYBE 19 or 20 degrees by this point in the afternoon, with a wind chill of maybe 7 or 8.

I went along with it anyway and we sat down to chat. All through our conversation, I couldn’t help but to notice that he seemed somewhat nervous. At first he wouldn’t say much, but eventually warmed up and elaborated on his responses. He kept asking me really broad questions like, “so tell me more about yourself” — which sidebar rant: I HATE when people ask me this question. This is a terrible question to ask. It’s too abstract. Drilling down to ask more focused questions like, “what do you do” or “what are some of your hobbies” invoke more of a solid, meaningful and intelligent response, in my opinion. Besides, if you asked someone out, you are obviously interested in SOMETHING about them, so go with that?

Anyway, since I’m not a super narcissistic person, I decided to break it down into segments, “so, this is what I do for a career…” and we’d chat about our jobs and laugh about how crazy they were at times. I’d then say, “…and since you wanted to know more about me, these are some of my hobbies or things i like to do when I’m not a slave to my job”, and we’d talk about our hobbies and laugh. I tried to be silly and keep a sense of humor to help him feel at ease and that seemed to help out a lot in the flow of our conversation. Towards the end of this meeting, he asked what the upcoming week was like for me and if I wanted to pick a day to get together again.

Whoa dere guy.

While I’ve been on “dates” before where planning a second date came up in conversation (my ex and I actually did this on our first date, but it worked because there was a “spark” and we obviously really liked one another), it usually seemed more natural and was obvious that both parties sincerely felt a connection. I didn’t really feel that with him. Not that I didn’t like him, it just seemed a little difficult at first to get a steady conversation going. Being a bit shy (at times) and introverted, I can understand and I figured perhaps he’d be different the second time around so I decided to take him up on his offer. He walked me back to my car, we hugged and said goodbye. We texted back and forth that evening over random memes and jokes that we both referenced in conversation, but that was it. So last night, I’m minding my own grown ass business, when I get a text from him…

Hey, sorry I’m just getting to say hello to you today. Work has been insane. But hey, much later after our date, I realized that you remind me of my ex and I’m looking for something different, so I’m going to cancel Thursday. I’m so sorry.


But no, you’re not “sorry”, you’re rude, reckless and indecisive and here’s why:

So you mean to tell me, he asked for my number, he asked me out, he dictated where we went and when he changed those plans last minute, he stammered through two hours worth of conversation (where he had us out in the bitter ass cold), he asked for a second date and proceeded to plan it while still on our first date and he realized AFTER everything, that I reminded him of his EX?!!

Ok, first of all, if I went on a date with someone who, “reminded me of my ex”, I probably would have picked up on it pretty quickly. Second of all, so as long as the person didn’t have the negative qualities of my ex, I probably wouldn’t care that much, because in the big grand scheme of things, I don’t have an issue with him as a person (well ok, so  maybe other exes I might have a problem with, but still). Third of all, that’s just a really rude and flighty thing to do to someone…Like, WHO RAISED YOU?, but I digress.

Be a better person than this guy in 2018. Please.

I doubt it would have went anywhere anyway and if I’m being 100% honest, I was really just being nice for the sake of being nice. I didn’t see a connection there. It’s just the principle behind it though that’s kind of annoying.

Ha. I started to reply to his text, but then didn’t. It’s a waste of energy really? I’m trying to do this thing in 2018 where I don’t entertain anything that interrupts my peace. I can’t even really get mad about this because it’s literally the most silly and ridiculous thing I’ve had to deal with all year (a smooth 9 days in).

So there you have it. I guess I’m in this silly thing again. Boy, do I have tons of “exciting adventures” to look forward to 🙃. Can’t wait…

A Self-Diagnosis is Stupid.

For the better part of a month or so, I’ve had some pretty intense cramps, indigestion, nausea, dizziness, headaches, mood swings and unexplainable fatigue (like going to bed at 7 p.m., exhaustion). I’ve mostly ignored it for the past few weeks because well, you know, been a little occupied being depressed.

Anyway, I googled these symptoms and stumbled upon some articles that said, “could you be pregnant? Here are the common symptoms” Tell me why I pretty much had every single symptom. Bitch, nah.

nope - prince with monkey


First of all, I don’t even want to entertain this. I’m tired (mentally, physically and especially emotionally). And secondly, no. These symptoms are probably all separate of each other. Like maybe I’ve had these weird unsettling feelings with my stomach because I keep taking my medication without eating, and maybe I have indigestion because I’m eating really fast and inhaling a lot of air….maybe I’ve been nauseous because I’m eating really shitty (holiday) food (that I’m craving) this time of year, perhaps the dizziness and headaches are from stress, the and the moodiness and fatigue from being depressed/anxious. Yeah, that’s it.

Even so, the chance of that happening with a(n) (ex) partner who is (intentional medically) “sterile” are like 1-2% at best. Yeah, I’m going to go with, “NO for 500, Alex“.

Anyway, I typed all of that ridiculousness to basically insinuate attempting to diagnose yourself will leave you thinking that you have cancer, are pregnant or dying. 9 times out of 10, you’re probably ok and your mind is doing backflips into the pool of “assumptions” and “what ifs”.